ICFA Study Group on Data Preservation and Long Term Analysis in High Energy Physics

Publication from May 2012, available here:
Status Report of the DPHEP Study Group: Towards a Global Effort for Sustainable Data Preservation in High Energy Physics

Recent Meetings 

High Energy Physics experiments initiate with this Study Group a common reflection on data persistency and long term analysis in order to get a common vision on these issues and create a multi-experiment dynamics for further reference. 

The objectives of the Study Group are:

  • Review and document the physics objectives of the data persistency in HEP.
  • Exchange information concerning the analysis model: abstraction, software, documentation etc. and identify coherence points.
  • Address the harware and software persistency status.
  • Review possible fundings programs and other related international initiatives.
  • Converge to a common set of specifications in a document that will constitute the basis for future collaborations.

Since August 2009, the Study Group is endorsed by ICFA (International Committee for Future Accelerators). 

A series of workshops have been held by the Study Group, access to which can be found using the links below.
The 3rd workshop was preceded by a public symposium.
The first DPHEP publication, containing the initial recommendations of the Study Group was released in December 2009.
This was followed by a more comprehesive, second publication in May 2012.

KEK July 2010

Fermilab May 2011

CPPM November 2012

DESY January 2009

SLAC May 2009

CERN December 2009