• The DELPHI data consist of the so-called Short DSTs and Extended Short DSTs (SDST and XSDST) stored in Castor.
  • Requests for access, for both physics research and pedagogical purposes, will have to be made through the acting DELPHI spokesperson
  • The acting DELPHI spokesperson has the right to veto access to DELPHI archived data if it is considered to be against the interest of DELPHI or science in general
  • The acting DELPHI spokesperson will consult an “Archived data board” with respect to the involvement of former DELPHI members mentioned below

Statement on the use of ALEPH data for long-term analyses

The ALEPH Collaboration

Teh data collected by the ALEPH experiment in the years 1990-2000 have been archived to allow their use for physics analyses after the closure of the Collaboration. The archiving includes the last set of simulated events and the most updated version of the analysis software.