ALEPH Preservation Policy

Statement on the use of ALEPH data for long-term analyses

The ALEPH Collaboration

Teh data collected by the ALEPH experiment in the years 1990-2000 have been archived to allow their use for physics analyses after the closure of the Collaboration. The archiving includes the last set of simulated events and the most updated version of the analysis software.


The available information is not sufficient to repeat all analyses, particulairly when systemiatic effects play an important role as, for instance, for precision measurements in the electroweak sector. Examples of physics analysis that cannot be repeated on archived data are:

  • The measurement of the Z lineshape
  • The measurement of the W mass
  • The measurement of the tau polarization
  • The measurement of lepton and quark forward-backward asymmetries
  • Most heavy flavour measurements, such as the measurement of the Rb of the CKM matrix elements, of Bd and Bs oscillations
  • The searches for the Higgs boson
  • Many searches in the SUSY sector

Authorized Users

The use of the archives ALEPH data is authorized to former members of the ALEPH Collaboration and their collaborators. The use of a subset of data for teaching and pedagogical purposes, under the guidance of former members of the Collaboration, is allowed.


The publication of results based on the archived ALPEH data is not allowed until after 1 year after the official termination of the Collaboration, forseen for the end of 2004. The authors of the analysis take full responsibility for the publication. Any figure, plot or table using ALEPH data should contain the label "ALEPH Archived Data". A reference to the present document "Statement on the use of ALEPH data for long-term analyses" must be present in the publication.

Approved by the ALEPH Steering Committee
4 December 2003